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Indiana Stories and History Books by Pat Bush


GrannyLet Me Tell You A Story

After many years of accumulating assorted facts and drivel into my already overloaded brain, I sorted through mountains of this and that and arranged  the aforementioned assortment into three books.

After climbing my family tree and discovering all the skeletons and other tales, I put it all together into a book designed to be a record of our children’s ancestry.  The resulting book includes such surnames as BUSH, DRAKE, CROTHERS, JONES, COUTURE; also PATTON, VALE, STARNATER, TARTER, HOUGHTON, among dozens of others.

Let Me TellIf you have an interest in any of these surnames and would like to see if you’re among the leaves, then Let Me Tell You A Story, a 793 page book, is for you.

KINGMAN The First Hundred Years

Come along with me as I describe how Kingman, Fountain County, IN came to be.  If you have ever lived in or visited Kingman, you will be interested in my book, Kingman The First Hundred Years, the history and gossip straight from the pages of the Kingman Star and Kingman High School Annuals.

A History of Lodi, Silverwood, And Silver Island 

Read all about how Lodi, Parke County, Indiana was known nationwide for its bottled water, and how Silverwood, Fountain County, Indiana became a booming metropolis.  Also read the legend of an Indian buried in an upright position, possibly guarding a stash of silver, on Silver Island, Fountain County, Indiana.
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“Let Me Tell You A Story” or “KINGMAN The First Hundred Years” or “A History of Lodi, Silverwood, And Silver Island take a moment to fill out the contact form and I’ll get back with you as quick as I can.  I appreciate your time in reading here and look forward to hearing from you.



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